Testosterone Therapy Cost

Testosterone Therapy Cost San Diego

Testosterone Therapy of San Diego is brought to you by Highly Artistic Surgical Center, a comprehensive wellness, cancer,  plastic and reconstructive surgery center.

This program is designed to help you get your life back on track!  Our goal is to tailor an individualized diagnostic and treatment plan to fit your needs, but also to minimize the associated risks.  An appropriately designed treatment plan may help you increase your energy levels, enhance your mood, regulate sleep patterns, and improve your sex drive; all of which may be the result of decreasing levels of natural testosterone associated with aging.


Consultations are free of charge.  Please call for an appointment.


Before any treatment, all patients are required to have an initial comprehensive lab test to make sure that your symptoms are not caused by other factors.  Your first payment goes entirely to this lab test.


If you are deemed a candidate for treatment, we will discuss and offer different methods of treatment (injection, topical, buccal, pellet implantation.)  But we prefer Testosterone Cypionate Intramuscular Injection because its benefits outweigh the risks.

Visit Schedule:

-Usually every 7 days we schedule follow up visits


-First month: $350 (Comprehensive labs + first injection)

-Monthly: $300 (Including the injections needed for the month)

-Sign up now and your payment is $300 per month

-The monthly fee also covers 24-hour access to a physician for other non-emergent medical issue.  Extra charge may apply depending on the complexity of the urgent visit.


Follow-up Lab Work:

-You will need to have labs done every 6 weeks, 6-months, and 1 year to evaluate testosterone levels during your treatment. Please contact us if you any questions.

Panel 1: add $50 (6 weeks)

Panel 2: add $70 (6 months)

Panel 3: add $200 (1 year)


*We currently do not accept insurance. However, we will submit a claim on your behalf regarding your treatment to your insurance company. We can also provide you with the appropriate documents to independently submit your insurance claim.





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