Symptoms of Low Testosterone & Male Menopause


If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms you may have low testosterone levels:

Declining Libido

Circulating levels of testosterone have a direct effect on sex drive which if stay out of balance may negatively impact sexual health. When testosterone levels are brought into balance this leads to increased libido and may help to improve personal relationships. More

Lack of Energy

Testosterone helps produce sustainable energy to assist you in functioning at optimal levels, optimize productivity, and improve athletic performance. More

Weak Erections

Testosterone hormone therapy may enhance the duration of erections restoring confidence and enjoyment to the sexual encounter. More

Poor Sleep

Testosterone is one of the essential hormones responsible for regulating sleep and waking cycles. When testosterone levels are balanced at a healthy level this will allow you to have more restful sleep resulting in increased energy to start the day. More

Decreased Enjoyment of Life, Grumpiness and/or Depression

Testosterone has a direct effect on your mood which is why it is so important to maintain healthy hormone levels. Regulating and stabilizing testosterone levels can assist in stabilizing your moods and creating balance that will positively impact your daily life in work and personal relationships. More

Decreased Strength and Endurance

Testosterone directly enhances your overall strength and endurance levels which will aid in building muscle mass and increasing endurance levels. Increased strength and endurance gives you the essential energy to accomplish your daily tasks with greater efficiency. More

Declining Ability to Concentrate

Testosterone helps to restore your overall motivation and ability to maintain focused attention on tasks resulting in increased confidence. More

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