Have you just found out you have diabetes, or the beginning stages of diabetes? Maybe diabetes does not run in your family. Are you worried that your health issues are due to something else?

Men with low testosterone are more likely to develop diabetes in the future. Men with type 2 diabetes are twice as likely to have low testosterone.
Testosterone assists in the body’s absorption of blood sugar in order to regulate insulin  response or the way your body adapts when blood sugar rises. In men with low testosterone levels it is common to observe greater insulin resistance forcing the pancreas to work harder to produce higher levels of insulin to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Studies have shown that testosterone replacement can assist in improving insulin sensitivity and stabilizing blood sugar levels making weight loss more attainable and improving the control of diabetes. Nationwide, an estimated thirteen million men have low testosterone, but 90% of these cases go untreated. It is common that men have not had their hormone levels checked and are unaware that they may have low levels of testosterone.  Scientists are currently researching more about the link between diabetes and low testosterone levels.

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