Have you been to the doctor recently and learned that your hemoglobin level was low or observed that you do not feel like yourself?
Low testosterone affects many aspects of health. Men over the age of 65 with low testosterone are at higher risk for anemia. Older men with low testosterone are almost five times more likely to be anemic than men with normal levels. Anemia can cause fatigue and low energy.

Testosterone is a hormone that helps rebuild red blood cells.  Lower testosterone levels are associated with anemia because this is an essential hormone required for the production of red blood cells. Therefore, Hemoglobin levels in the blood should rise as a result of treatment.

Testosterone therapy is not the cure for anemia. However, supplemental testosterone will stimulate the development and production of red blood cells which may help in reversing anemia. Studies have shown that keeping testosterone at a healthy range reduces the risk of becoming anemic.

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