Cause of Low Testosterone

Factors that Affect Testosterone Levels in Men:

Age related loss of testosterone occurs due to a loss overtime in the production of hormones. As a natural part of the aging process the male sex hormones are not produced in the same quantity they once were at a younger age. Testosterone Replacement Therapy can slow down the loss of testosterone and reduce symptoms associated with low testosterone levels.

graph men Cause of Low Testosterone

Remaining at a high or unhealthy weight significantly affects the amount of testosterone produced and is assimilated by the body. Having higher levels of fat (adipose tissue) causes the conversion of testosterone hormones into estrogen resulting in low circulating levels of testosterone. Losing weight and abdominal fat in particular can restore the body’s ability to naturally produce testosterone.

Your current fitness level can have a direct impact on your body’s testosterone levels because there is an increase in hormones secreted following aerobic and weight bearing exercise. Making exercise a part of your daily life can increase testosterone levels as well as improve your overall health.

Consuming a healthy diet is essential to great health and well being. Providing our bodies with the necessary vitamins and minerals through diet allows the body to function optimally to produce the hormones such as testosterone in a healthy amount. When an unhealthy diet is consumed it can lead to nutrient deficiencies making normal levels of testosterone production less likely.

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